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Who Cares About Us? 

The Hidden Population of Current and Former Aotearoa/New Zealand Young Carers Reflect on Their Experiences. 

Dr Lauren E. Donnan

An invisible population - Young Carers in Aotearoa New Zealand

Sue Hanna and Charlotte Chisnell, Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand

New Zealanders aged 15-24 providing unpaid care for someone with a disability or illness

Lisa Underwood, Barry Milne, Lauren Donnan, Ofa Dewes


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Young Carers NZ I 3 September 2021

A Gift for Family Carers

Nominate yourself or a young carer you know to get a gift card. 

Find out more here

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Sunday I 9 May 2021

Meet the invisible army of children carrying the burden of caring for a loved one

Watch the full video here

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1news I 11 May 2021

Young carer advocates call on Government to 'wake up' to children's invisible plight

Read the article here

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Are you a Young Carer?

Young Carers New Zealand

Many young carers don’t realise they are a ‘carer’.

You may have started caring when you were much younger. It’s just what you’ve got used to. Or perhaps something happened and you started helping to look after a friend or family member regularly after they had an accident or became unwell and need ongoing care.

To download our Are you a Young Carer brochure, click here!

Are you a young carer? Take Young Carers NZs' quick survey!

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