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Te Ara Mārama


AGES 13-24

Bay of Plenty


Te Ara Mārama is a programme specifically designed for Young Carers who are struggling to keep up or stay in school or course or are unsure of what they want to do.


Te Ara Mārama is a journey from te pō to te ao mārama by helping young carers to see the light inside themselves and opening them up to the endless opportunities.  With us you will build your confidence to reach your goals and discover your true path. 

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is the foundation of Camp Unity.  Young Carers will be put into groups and will attend weekly zoom healing sessions with our holistic healer.  She will teach them tools and work with them to develop the following: 

  • Self-worth

  • Self-love

  • Confidence

  • Resilience

  • Coping mechanisms for anxiety

Ara Wawata (Aspirational pathways)

Depending on the Young Carers aspirations, we will support them with:

  • School (engaging directly with their school to increase the awareness of young caring) 

  • Attending career expos, open days at tertiary providers and polytechs 

  • School tutoring

  • Mentoring 

  • Work experience 

Te Ara Mārama includes the following camp: 

Young Carers

When: 19-21 July 2024

Where: Tui Ridge Park, Rotorua

If you are or know a Young Carer who might be interested in enrolling in this programme then please contact us.  

Thanks! The team will be in touch within 48 hours.

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